Ygmak Machinery

About Us

YGMAK Machinery was founded in 2011 by Mechanical Engineer, Rüstem Yiğiter. Our founder aimed to meet the needs of the companies in the most accurate way by transferring his 20 years of production experience to the projects. Therefore, YGMAK Machinery, which commits to be a leading company in the sector since its inception, has succeeded to come quickly with its works. In 2014, YGMAK moved to a factory building of 2400 m2 on an area of 9000 m2 and still continues its production here.

Upon the death of our founder Rüstem Yiğiter in 2015, the company passed to the 2nd Generation management. Alper Yiğiter, who took over the management, made an effort to take YGMAK to the international platform so that today YGMAK has become a worldwide known company exporting to many countries.

YGMAK Machinery generally makes turnkey cake production lines, biscuit sandwiching, chocolate coating, automatic feeding systems of these products to packaging machines and exports them to 19 countries today.

Always aims to be innovative with quality, with its experienced team it is a company acting with this mission.

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